W3B 2022, November 8-9 2022


Mohamed El-Masri

Corporate Finance, Bitcoin Mining & Asset Tokenization

Founder & CEO

Mohamed El-Masri is a corporate finance professional with a focus on alternative investments, bitcoin mining, energy and asset tokenization. In early 2018 Mohamed embarked on a journey to change the dynamics of natural wealth creation to lower the barriers of wealth generation and strengthen the potential for wealth preservation. “I am proposing a radical change to the global socioeconomic construct, but not without serious considerations towards sound ESG frameworks. I find bitcoin to be the purest form of treasury that contributes to global energy sustainability and value creation for all”. Mohamed El-Masri is the founder and CEO of PermianChain Technologies Inc. and Direct & CEO of Brox Equity Ltd. Mohamed is the author of Oil, Natural Gas and Blockchain: How PermianChain Creates Value in Resource Finance and Sustainability, a report published by Canada’s Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) and included in Chapter 7 of the Digital Asset Revolution, a book by Alex Tapscott. Mohamed holds a Diploma in Sociology from Vanier College. He completed a number of political science and economics courses at Concordia University as an undergraduate before continuing to receive his Canadian securities qualifications from the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI). He holds a general securities qualification certificate with the Capital Market Authority (CMA) of Riyadh, KSA. He is certified in Corporate Finance Regulations with the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (CISI) of UK.

W3B 2022, November 8-9
Metro Toronto Convention Centre



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