W3B 2022, November 8-9 2022


Tamara Haasen


Input Output

Tamara Haasen is currently the President of Input Output Global, a decentralized technology company with the mission to improve the systems of the world for everyone, everywhere. As one of the early members of IOG she rose from a culture officer to HR Director and then Chief of Staff. During her time at IOG Tamara helped create company culture and design which breaks ground and explores new horizons in the world of blockchain technology and beyond. This endeavor is the most recent in a lifelong journey to create a global operating system based on integrity, truth, and equality. Previous to working at Input Output Global she was an early adopter of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. After matching her first wallet at Decentral in Toronto, Ontario she realized the far reaching implications of creating an open and immutable operating system for the world to exchange money, value, and information. Through her time in the crypto space she has met and collaborated with like-minded individuals who place a high value on intellectual honesty, life-long learning, and the unshakeable belief that the world can be made better through innovation. Her educational background includes a specialist degree in Political Science from the University of Toronto as well as a Juris Doctorate from Bond University. Furthermore she pursued the arts, training as an actor at The Circle in the Square Theater School which led to her performing in films like Boyhood and Tree of Life, as well as the television series Friday Night Lights. Alongside her duties as President of IOG she is co-designing a product management specialist masters program with Carnegie Melon University where she hopes to catalyze the work of emerging blockchain entrepreneurs and product managers. Ultimately she is interested in using the power of decentralized innovation and decision making protocols to help small and medium sized businesses collaborate with their customers, partners and stakeholders. The goal of this work is to create a digital economy and civilization which leads to greater human self determination and dignity.

W3B 2022, November 8-9
Metro Toronto Convention Centre



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